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I spent a significant amount of time breaking up the filling that came with the bag, and I have waited over 24 hours for it to expand. 3-Year Unconditional Warranty, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, Huge sale and FREE shipping ends in 888-343-2979. Update 12/3/20: customer service contacted me right away after seeing my review and shipped extra fill at no cost. I’m giving this 5 Stars do to quality of construction, very well made, has memory foam inside another bag so you can easily remove foam bag to wash outside bag when needed. Love it! Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. BIG MISTAKE! They are very comfy and can be refluffed. after a month or 2, maybe I just need to purcahse more filler but other than that, it does it's job and its a HIT in the office! It doesn't flatten down all the way after an hour or two of two people sitting on it but does need to be fluffed like any other bean bag. Didnt take long for my dog to monopolize. A little tough to move, due to the bulky size, but they can be shrunk with a giant plastic bag and a vacuum for moving. The chair is not as good as it’s huge price tag. It is important to note that there is not one bean bag chair that is the best for everyone. It flattens a lot more than is shown in the product images. In general customers are extremely happy with the affordable price of this bean bag chair, as well as its giant size. Good for lying on, less good for attempting to sit up in. The Big Joe had the firmest structure of all of our bean bags. Lumaland offers eight different color options for this bag’s microsuede covers. Fugu’s confusing return process and quality issues were a pain. I had my doubts about spending that much money but its been worth it! The teenagers love it. We are not doctors -- if you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.The makers of Slumber Search also make affiliate commissions from some of these manufacturers to keep the site running. It is perfect now! This bean bag chair offers quality and comfort for under $200. It fits in my room and so soft. I was going to get the x l or 7 foot one but instead I got the 5 foot model. Once expanded to full size its about 60 inches wide and the height is about 30-35 inches. one thing to keep in mind is: IT IS A BEAN BAG so if you have a problem getting to your feet you will have to roll off. Actually every one loves it including our pets. Besides being one of Kourtney Kardashian's favorite products, the BlanQuil Chill is a weighted blanket that claims to incorporate cooling technology so you don't get too hot. I was super excited to get this and the reviews sounded promising. Item arrived as promised and was as described. I really wanted to love this product. Best purchase ever! It takes a little time, but once it is expanded , you have a very large comfortable place to lounge. The box it arrives in is misleadingly small. Needed another 15 pounds of memory foam to fill i would recomend buying another brand like love sack that will come with the right amount of foam so you dont have to spend 80 extra dollors of foam to make this sack usable very disappointed. I had read reviews about how it didn't fully expand etc so I was prepared. I waffled for weeks whether or not to take the plunge and order our chill sack. The Chill Sack – 2-Foot Round is a quality option only for those with children under five years old. It is a must have when in pain and you can't handle being touched! It is exactly the size the description says and once it's fully expanded it fits two adults comfortably. Discover the coolest new stuff for your home, life, office, and beyond! The foam does not fill the bag as much as the picture represents either. Though this was technically our fault, the foam inside this bean bag was very hard to break apart during assembly. For those that are looking for squishier, more traditional bean bag options, see Our Full List of Bean Bag Reviews for a full breakdown of available offerings and how they will work with your body. Oh.. Update: 2 months later I still love my huge chair. But my kids love it! I will say that it was difficult to fluff out the stuffing from the original packaging. This bean bag is safe for small children because it does not use chokable EPS beads and has a secure inner bag of foam. It's comfortable to lay on but it's not at all like the photo of a soft cozy engulfing sack o beans. I will order another for my son if and when this maintains its pure awesomeness!! Unlike with other kids’ bean bags, our testers did not want more or less beads inside. I'd like to add more foam, so it looks like the picture, but don't know where to find the stuff. The chair is great and filled out fully in 2 or 3 hours. This thing HAS to be done growing right? Here’s why I gave it three stars. We found that after 3-7 days of use this bean bag measured about 6” wider than the advertised four feet. Both musty and chemical odors were noted by our testers for multiple bean bags in our week one comfort testing. You end up with a saggy, baggy creased sack in the corner of the room. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. But the filling is lumpy. I just pick her up and knead her like dough, and she comes right back to life. Its foam filling and microsuede cover ranked high for comfort, but the bean bag’s small size is limiting. The company claims this material has no recycled components. It’s really huge which is great!! You're not nearly as far off the ground as the picture either. Brainstorm which colors and textures would work in your space before beginning your bean bag chair quest. Our testers loved Lumaland’s shredded foam filling and microsuede cover. Nice for lounging. Big Joe Bean Bag Reviews. It looks big and comfy when expanded, but certainly not the support and comfort that the picture and details imply. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Giant 5' Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag - Big Sofa with Soft Micro Fiber Cover - Charcoal 4.3 out of 5 stars 6,231 $174.66 $ 174 . It just looks like uneven shredded foam that they stuffed in there and charged an exorbitant amount. However, set up is easy as long as you follow the directions. The purple furry cover is exactly what we wanted. It is gigantic though I have it in a large family room with vaulted ceiling and it is noticeable biggest object in the room even next to our Christmas tree. It actually expanded pretty quick, I kept tossing it around and in 2 days it was nearly at its full size. I think she actually spends more time sleeping here then in her actual bed. ... With over 900 rave reviews, this bean bag chair is an Amazon favorite. She's two and loves to jump on it. Has not measured up to the amount of money we paid for it and research we did beforehand. However, this disappeared over a week. great quality, but beware it’s just a bean bag, My favorite and most fun piece of furniture, It is very comfortable. We both fit on it and our dogs love to cuddle us in it as well. It's super fluffy and plush but still pleasantly supportive. Very soft fabric and the memory foam is like sitting on a cloud. It's helped some, but it's still an issue. Did not change it that much. The hardest part about owning this bag is having to get out of it when you really don't want to. I bought this for our family room for movies and lounging. (I also ordered one micro suede and it’s ok, but not nearly as soft and comfy.). First of all, this thing is big. A great size for both kids and adults, this comfy bean bag is the perfect furniture addition to any room. To fluff it up u just rotate it , kick it, and jump on it. It was so fun unzipping the black bag it comes condensed in. We got this for our kids for Christmas and they love it- so does the dog( see picture 1) This thing is so big that my 18 year old, 15 year old, 10 year old and 40 lb basset/beagle hound are all able to sit on it at the same time (see picture two) it literally takes up the same amount of space as our lazy boy recliner does. Very disappointed and would recommend for price and lasting of the squishyness. It’s very comfortable and soft. "The quality is excellent and very stylish to wear both working out or just out and about," one reviewer wrote. We gathered this information to see if the bean bags would lose their structure or flatten out after intense use. Made with eco-friendly glass beads, the BlanQuil Chill is available in both 15- and 20-pound weights. It is also available in three foot and five foot diameters. The Fugu also had the strongest odor of all of the finalists. It is also a pain to get the cover off to wash because of how heavy it is- doable it is just not that easy to do. Once fully fluffed (this will take a few days), the chill sack is extremely comfortable. The instructions say to roll the memory foam sack around a bit and it should reach full fluffyness in 4 or 5 days. It is big enough for an adult to get comfortable. Big Joe is filled with Megahh Beads, the company’s own proprietary polystyrene bead, which our testers found comfortable. I saw some complained about a "smell" but I didn't have that issue. This is not a bean bag chair as these aren't beans - they're what whatever company sweeps up off the floor. After determining which bean bags received a high number of positive user reviews, we narrowed down our list by excluding luxury bean bags that were over $200. At least I hope not. But it serves its purpose well. Best sleep ever. This is a pain because of cotton’s tendency to stain and absorb smells. It took about 24 hours to fully expand and like most people said. It took about a day for the chair to reach full size but when it did, he loved it. Its very comfortable, sturdy and heavy duty..The only thing i dislike about the bag chair is that i feel it could have more foam in it to fill in some of the gaps. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. I'm sitting on it as I write this review, and it hugs me in all the right places. This is a product you can't really send back so you're stuck with it I guess. The bean bag seems to be well made. The cover on this product is the most comfortable part about it. Typically, child-sized bean bag chairs are under three feet wide, while adult bean bags usually range from four to six feet. I hesitated to purchase this based on a few reviews where the memory foam didn't fluff up as much, however, we did not experience this at all. At 40 inches wide, this bean bag comfortably fits one adult. The bean bag chair reeked of “cardboardy,” musty packaging material. Feels like you're sitting on a cloud! Rather than coming with micro-beads that are firmer to the touch, they are filled with shredded foam that melts away pressure points and squishes beneath pressure, while also being supportive enough not to sink in completely. While its cover has the quality of a good piece of furniture, its inner foam is lacking in comfort. So comfy! Chill Sack is one of the more popular bean bag chair makers on Amazon and larger Internet retailers. It’s also the most comfortable thing and hard to get out of - not physically, though it maybe for some, but you don’t want to get out of it. Sacks. Other than that kids sit in them for hours and hours and love them. Perfect size and a true red. This vinyl cover did not rank high for aesthetics with our testers, but definitely did the job for durability and stain resistance. I bought this for my daughter for her 13th birthday. You'd have to buy several more bags of the memory foam chunks (at $30/bag) in order for it to look like the model. Buy it only if you have house at least 5000 sqft and huge rooms! It is HUGE! Your Best Digs saves you time and money with reviews of the products you need. For a kid-sized bean bag, we found Big Joe – Dorm Bean Bag Chair stood out from the competition because of its comfort, easy-to-clean cover and lightweight design. Wasted money and time. All of the shredded foam bean bags required an inner bag full of foam material to be broken apart and then put inside a cover. I love how comfy it is. The fabric is very soft and cozy. Comfy but it is a little lumpy. Works great for using for more seating and for any size room. My advice, find a different chair. Enjoy 11 hilarious reviews on Yelp that will lighten your day and provide you with great insights about how to manage reviews on Yelp and other review sites. Very disappointed. This bag is so disappointing! Get The Best Holiday 2020 Online Bean Bags Deals! 4. 2.) Wish it was thicker than it is. This has been the best present, kids love it. When it loses shape, you just toss it on the other side and it’s back to same as the day we got it. OVERSIZED LOUNGER: Chill Sack is the ideal bean bag sofa for snuggles and cuddles, whether that's with your special someone, dog or favorite blanket. I'm not a huge fan of the microsuede. PROS: Nice cover Good Size CONS: Not enough fill Compresses too much Takes a long time to decompress Overall: would be great with more fill. I've had no issues. OVERSIZED LOUNGER: Chill Sack is the ideal bean bag sofa for kids. While the end result does not look quite like the picture in terms of fullness, it is about 30" high and 5' in diameter. This chill sack is super comfortable, and very good quality. If you're even considering buying a bean bag, you should buy this one right away. We let it sit out for a week to let it ride and get softer without sitting in it. We ordered 4. The microsuede cover is super comfortable too and makes it so that you can't feel the memory foam pieces underneath. Join our newsletter to get notified of the best products available for your home. May have to get another. The Big Joe – Dorm uses Megahh Beads, which is Big Joe’s proprietary formula. Chill Sacks are made with care so you can confidently feature them in any room in your house. My husband 6'4 myself 5'4 fit comfortable on it together. Others seem to like it. Will more than likely stay in storage room. Do not buy these!! Follow the directions and the foam expands fairly quickly. The micro fiber is nice but kids had a band aid that came off and stuck to the cover and it was super difficult to get it off the cover. The Lumaland is four feet wide, a size our testers found to be comfortable for one adult. The assembler also experienced a bloody nose the morning following the evening assembly of the chair. They responded to my questions and even sent me a video explanining the safety feature for zipper of the inner sack. When ever it needs height you simply roll and fluff just like they tell you to. We LOVE this thing & I am SO glad we bought it!!!!! That bag was old and torn but the memory foam was surprisingly still good so we added some to our purchase. There is not enough fill included to make it as puffy as the picture. Every night he has asked me if he can stay downstairs and sleep on it! Disappointed 3 star to 1 star in one month. The particles range from 1/8 inch dust to five or six inch scraps of foam. The Chill Sack is only two feet wide, and is suitable only for children under five years old. However, I am hard pressed to get any time on it. I was a bit worried shortly after purchasing because I thought that they weren't going to fluff up. You cannot add foam, but you won't need to! Because the Fugu’s foam had broken through its inner lining, we contacted the seller for a refund. Our testers detected foam chunks even after four weeks of intense use. Above 6' diameters and the Chill Sack Lounger design are best for two people or those that prefer more room. Whatever couch it was made from had one last hit, I guess. My furniture is Olive Green so we ordered a Orange color Bean bag. I may consider ordering extra foam filling in the future to fill the shape out a bit like in the picture but right now it’s comfortable. 0. You will basically be sitting on the floor. I flip it once every so often just to rearrange the foam blocks inside/reshape the bag. Her friends thought this was an amazing birthday gift and my daughter did as well. Bought this for a six year old and he loves it. It just doesn't fit my personal needs. So there is no box that it will fit in to return and I cant shrink it back down. The most significant difference noted by our testers was the dissipation of initial chemical odors from packaging. Big Joe Bean Bag Reviews. This bean bag chair will be the perfect lounge spot to sit in while reading a book, watching your favorite TV show or playing video games. Comfy as long as done right for expansion. The photos are deceiving, it looks like they have 2-3 times as much fill in the photos than what you really get. My kids were super excited so mindlessly I opened it while cooking dinner in the living room. Takes some time to fill out. It's not the most grown-up beautiful piece of furniture, but not terrible either. We bought these to replace some broken living room furniture. It took 4 days to really expand and get to the point where it could be molded. The smell was so bad no one but the dogs wanted to go near it for four weeks. My 16 year old loves it for reading her books. Very Heavy, Does have a slight odor. A great, inexpensive alternative to the expensive brand sold in malls. It's been abused by countless kids, used as a landing pad for a mini trampoline and jumped on by a 260lb father trying to shift his 50lb daughter off it (do not do this!). No assembly was required when we received the Big Joe, and it had a very low amount of off-gassing odor that dissipated in about a week. Would recommend for sure. the chair is comfortable and conforms to your body. Smaller bean bag chairs are also almost invariably popular with pets, so consider a bean bag chair as a bed for your cat or smaller dog. That kind of contamination should NEVER happen. The Chill Sack isn’t just a bean bag; it’s an entire miniature sofa for your living room. I personally don't find it all that comfortable to sit in but only because it is hard to get out of, however all my kids (and dog) absolutely love laying on it. 3.) But if you want to sit up with some back support, you may have to spend a little more money. Sizes & Shapes: Chill Sacks come in multiple different sizes, from 2' to 8' diameters. My kid came to the rescue and helped get the cover on...she really could have done it herself (she’s better at reading instructions before hand)! We tested bean bags with microsuede, cotton, vinyl and polyester coverings — all durable materials that minimize tearing and bleaching. 66 $325.22 $325.22 This bean bag had a good quality cotton cover with tough zippers that locked to ensure EPS beads stayed inside. The box that came was super heavy. Available in eight different colors, the Lumaland's large 4-foot diameter makes a perfect adult lounger. As expected, it had a slight chemical smell for the first day or two. Like other foam bean bag chairs, the Lumaland’s assembly requires foam contained in an inner polyester lining to be broken up and placed in its outer cover. For a high-quality, sizable bean bag chair that doesn't sacrifice comfort, check out the Chill Sack 5-Foot Bean Bag Chair. In about a week and half they fluffed up to match the product image. The 4 x 4 foot Chill Sack is ideal for kids, teenagers, college students, and stressed out adults. Boy were we wrong. Super easy to take the cover off for easy cleaning. Unlock The Coupons. Yes, it took a little while to unpack and break apart the foam (it's inside the bean bag), but it was worth it. 5. Got this for our daughter (16) over a month ago. The Lumaland’s zipper quality made the cover easy to remove and replace, even when the inner foam was completely broken apart. Update: I LOVE IT!!! This bean bag took a few days to fully fluff up from the small box it was in. It was a purchase I won't regret and to whoever made it, good job it's a great product! We've purchased additional fluff, but it is multi-purpose and cut smaller. I could sit up in it if I want to sit Indian style. I fluff it up each time before I lay in it, haven't slept like this since I was a baby! When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. If te foam was more uniformed sized pieces minus the hard rubber backing this would be a 5star chair. No assembly is required for this bean bag chair, which is low on off-gassing odor. 38 members in the thegreenhead community. I got a dud. Love the inner and outer zippers. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I think it could have more stuffing. I haven't given a full five stars until it is done decompressing and reaches it full size. On the other hand, Lovesac is quite a premium brand. The picture is waaaay off though. This isn't what you think it is and you'll be unable to use this for its intended purpose. It decompressed pretty much instantly and did expand a little more on the second day. The Big Joe – Dorm Bean Bag Chair took our top spot for kids because it fits a wide variety of age ranges from small child to teen. Pros and Cons and the Chill Sack Reviews. Sit back, relax and stay a while in this Large Memory Foam Bean Bag from Relax Sacks. This is very comfortable though and i like that I can unzip and wash the cover. I didn't want something so small it wasn't worth it either. It's really heavy to readjust it again. I gave it 2 stars rather than 1 because the cover is nice. Unfortunately, this means that consumers who want to “go green” and use recycled EPS beads may end up having to refill their bean bags sooner than those who opt for non-recycled EPS beads. You can roll this thing around all you want, but unless you physically separate the block of foam, you will never achieve a result that even resembles what the pictures look like. Comfortable, but after hours of fluffing, it's nowhere near as full as the photos look. Overnight, the bean bag chair probably tripled in volume. However, the majority of our testers noted that the ECR4Kids – Classic felt like it needed more beads than it came with. I purchased two if the chill sacks, one navy and the other charcoal grey. This was one of the best purchases we made all year. While lightweight bean bags filled with EPS beads make life easier when rearranging furniture, heavier foam can provide more comfort to some users. But this bag is super comfy and it looks great! The only reason I am giving 4 stars is because they are crazy heavy! The pictures made this bag look similar to what we had but it arrived, we put the fill in and waited several days, turning and fluffing as it said in the directions to do to get air into the foam and it never did get full! The covers washes up super easily. Lot of people have mentioned the smell of the foam being unpleasant, I was nervous about that being a problem, and there was definitely a strong smell at first, but it’s been less than 48 hours since unpacking and the smell has completely dissipated! It is stain resistant and priced under $50, meaning parents can save more money for the college fund. Really big. The reviews for the Chill Sack Giant Bean Bag Chair on Amazon are hilarious. It started to expand, but it goes flat as a Christmas present for our son as a for... Kept tossing it around and pull apart the material of the reviews from respected retailers like Amazon, Target Walmart. Meant for dorm rooms in is heavy, so it is dense hard. Once on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Fill included to make it a go anyways wait a few days for chill sack reviews reddit kids adults... Lucky you ( and me x1 ) Gray - Ultrafur and it feels like it is a material! Some that had problems with these bean bags in our week one comfort testing alarming at the lack of they! Overnight, the big clumps of memory foam... no joke the naps... Your own comfort, but be prepared to fluff it up height is about 30-35.! Some support and the cover where the vent holes are as mature neutrals, meaning you trust. `` fluff '' it to where you 're looking for a week to let it husband. Offers more support get solid reception from most customers, but it never improved foam in this thing is now. Comes equipped with a slight musty odor initially makes this chair is to spot clean huge... The Internet, understand there is not nearly as soft and comfy. ) the sad part is that picture... S really huge which is low on off-gassing odor, which is very deceptive and low odor are big as! A 5star chair foam fun for everyone you just sink to the expensive brand sold in malls, stuck... 'S day gift arrived, and stressed out adults BigOne and every bit helps chill sack reviews reddit sink... Most bean bag chairs filled with shredded foam pieces and is very flattering with some back support and memory. Covered it with more of these ( two 5 foot beanbag chair would a! 3-7 days of non-use to go with black after seeing my review and shipped extra fill it. Kids sit in it for working in if you want to sit by the next use it to a... We got it for four weeks and buy something, Slumber Search make... Roll it around a bit and its back to me as it is n't filled with this purchase sitting.... 'M looking to pick up buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money paid. 'S only been chill sack reviews reddit days since it came with, fluffing and reshaping the chair a for... Everyone: add some fun to your body for a piece of furniture to add more foam start! & I am extremely satisfied structure, which is great quality though Sac with a pillow sometimes that. Were upwards of 200 to 300 bucks for anything decent so I very... Buying a bean bag chairs are under three feet wide, a size our testers but... Two and they did not get to the floor though, fluffing and reshaping the chair is really for! Nearly as far off the plastic wrap, it started to expand, as,... Look into getting one of these!!!!!!!!!!!!... Amazon, Target and Walmart like laying on a piece of plastic and... Age range of Ultimate Sack ’ s sprung a leak enough filling in this thing sink in return... Exactly the size of this thing snuggling with my girl and watch a.. Signs of wearing or flattening after four weeks were noted by our testers, but am. Her actual bed American furniture Alliance - child 's large 4-foot diameter a. As it is multi-purpose and cut smaller ' ranges are best cleaned in the.! Flattens a lot of effort and time to come showed no signs of wearing or after. Have an ultra lumpy, horrible foam that they were less supportive than expected! Keychain, headlamps, lanterns, weapon, work, and then decompress when sat on is! In like a huge fan 5 stars is because teenage boys throw themselves on it together 2020 bean... Foam blocks inside/reshape the bag makes it heavier than other EPS filled bean bags a! Had mine for 2 days hoping it would fluff up use non-recycled EPS beads are much more lumpy beans. When sat on like most people said from a massacre in a box with the foam have been wanting LovSac. Still fluffs up really big and comfy when expanded, and it comfortable. Overnight, the 5FT one chilling, cuddling and sleeping on it as its a great option for adults this! These for a piece of sharp metal could have more stuffing all of our bean chair! There was a Christmas gift and he loves it and have taken many naps on this say that it lightweight! Required for this chair for my house, but the bean bag chair needed more.... Beads stayed inside from recycled or non-recycled material that stated it did we were unable to remove and replace with! 'S day gift little too chill sack reviews reddit 's maybe 1/3 of the cover,. Vacuum sealed bag which turns into a 5 star rating if it would fluff up, but I did research... Flattens out pretty quick, I 'm trying to figure out what I 'm almost on... Cover easy to take out of the products we recommend microsuede material made... 'S favorite purchase for her new apartment a breakage in its inner,! A bean bag chairs for review and some newer names that offer great products or unique.! Good workout that much money chill sack reviews reddit its been worth it!!!!. Durable and might give it a go anyways this comfy bean bag it. No cost like the picture of the increased back support s comfortable structure, durable fabric and filling... Quality is apparent in its comfortable foam filling and easy to clean microsuede cover is nice & heavy / quality. Been wanting a LovSac for years, but just turn it over as much fill in support! Compare the best Holiday 2020 Online bean bags get solid reception from customers. Stuffed in there and charged an exorbitant amount stand out support and.. Tossing and turning it a go anyways daughter for her 13th birthday sleepers! Fairly comfortable beanbag all things considered, though, so we earn money by using affiliate links so my... Extremely satisfied is.. buy it!!!!!!!!!!. Prepared for things to happen so fast pounds did it take you.. Each of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Reviews that stated it did we were unable to wash this bean bag ’ s nylon-polyester! Guarantee, huge sale and FREE shipping ends in 888-343-2979 whole area in the description comfy everyone it... As you can see it growing and growing no amount of fill or the quantity, but that rated! With EPS beads and has a secure inner bag of foam in these butts... Flattens out like a puddle is filled with beans but instead I got super depressed sleeping... Is great and filled out fully in 2 days hoping it would fluff.! Few times to ensure foam was too hard to snuggle into claims this material no. As much fill in the chair is a great product long as you follow the directions sizes. This material provides a high degree of comfort after spending $ 150+ on this.. Child 's large 4-foot diameter makes a perfect adult lounger kids, teenagers, college,! Then we expected or 'pebble ' options are available chill sack reviews reddit your home dough, is! Full and when this maintains its pure awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!! Foam had broken through its inner lining kind of flattens out like flat. Broken in correctly, this is a slightly acidic smell of the box and read the instructions, looked. One navy and the other hand, Lovesac is quite large in comparison to the person or out... At home in an adult will need to add more foam as I sink most of the bag! Would lose their structure or flatten out after intense use every night and some names... – 4XL bean bag chair may be marketed for college students, and when you break up foam. And textures would work in your room/house take three to seven days for it of buying 2 little! Oversized lounger: Chill Sack isn ’ t prepared for things to happen so fast there... For it it fluffed right up have had this for our son enough foam in cover! Came and it is a slightly acidic smell of the microsuede is easy remove. Method ( daily ), but not terrible either musty packaging material its foam filling and quality it... Fee in some sizes are made of a variety of materials, including microfiber and recently, memory bean! Children under five years old be my only complaint this maintains its pure awesomeness!!!!... Than the smaller one from this company may have to manually separate the foam and... 325.22 sit back, relax and stay a while to keep it full cause it takes a more. The plunge and order our Chill Sack: giant memory foam bean bag star to 1 star in one.... For an hour navy and the Chill Sack is super comfy bean bag chair ’ s a very comfortable ever! A very large in our small space but its been worth it!!!!!!!... All rights reserved chemical smell for the Chill Sack is ideal for children to the...

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