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が強い小次郎は、心臓が破壊されたとしても戦闘能力は残っています。宝具使用後の隙を 所属:キャスターに仕えるサーヴァント Their blades clash, and their power and skill are equal. The katana is a longsword not suited to direct competitions of power. It becomes impossible to see through attacks. To/ Reader So, we have a fight between Ikki Kurogane (Chivalry of a Failed Knight) and Sasaki Kojiro (Fate) If Ikki can survive Sasaki’s first attacks through irregular guarding or dodging, he would be able to understand and copy the technique. In other words, the ability to “render one’s attacks unreadable to the enemy”. "No matter who may be, one is evil from the moment he cuts down a person." If there was to be a database for all of humanity, he is the piece of data that best matches the parameters of Sasaki, so his personality would become Kojirou's personality and his monumental feats would become that of Kojirou rather than his own.[6]. 暗殺者の英霊。 Published by 88Orochi (mod ID: 305505) 撃は不可能だろう。となると剣の勝負だが、彼の剣技はセイバーをして神域に達した力量 Sasaki Kojiro Fate for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. Weapon: Katana Sword Assassin has no actual way of hurting him and they have extremely bad compatibility in a fight, so the fact that Berserker was even pushed back is enough to say "whoah, Kojirou's amazing."[12]. Each of his attacks is fatal, meant to take the opponent's life by decapitation, so it is not possible to employ a strategy like taking a strike to then overpower him during the aftermath. What his real identity was, there is no way to know. He is honorable in battle, always maintaining a degree of bushido, and he is not the type who would attack defenseless women and children. Type: Anti-Unit Mystic Sword Tsuabame Gaeshi Q: Gilgamesh has no skills in swordsmanship, would Assassin win if Gilgamesh is caught in the range of Tsubame Gaeshi? A refined man who admires the beauties of nature and wraps his body in an elegant battle surcoat. れば宝具勝負。しかし射程の短い燕返しに対して、妄想心音は離れた場所から相手に触れ Which means that the battle between the two is clearly swordsmanship. Though, as a fake Master with a fake Servant, it wasn’t something as powerful as a true Command Spell. アンロック条件:絆レベルを4にすると開放 He strikes with a curved path, a graceful arc that does not take the shortest route to the opponent like Saber's western sword. 保有スキル 奈須さ~んCHECK! A mythical Japanese swordsman said to have faced Miyamoto Musashi in combat. [2], He cannot be emotionally overwhelmed in battle due to his Vitrification skill, a mental state called a “heart of clear water” that was acquired after reaching the pinnacle of arduous training. Heroic Spirit of assassination. 1000/800 Caster appears and orders Assassin to finish Saber as she is both tired and exhausted. アサシン【サーヴアント】 Following the destruction of the Asakura clan by Oda Nobunaga’s forces in 1573 Kojiro embarked on a musha shugyô until, in 1610, in his early fifties, he became a fencing instructor to Hosokawa Tadaoki (1563–1646). Some sources state he was dual-wielding wooden swords, one 95cm and the other 106cm, while others say it was a single long sword measuring over 2 meters. Facing his own death will not cause him to waver, so it is a very useful ability for a gate guardian. Through "history's greatest duel", their duel would have prolonged for eternity had Ritsuka Fujimaru not determined Musashi as the winner.[18]. Parameter Gender: Male Sasaki Kojiro in der Kultur. Servant stats This place lies between the real world and the world of dreams. A:史実では小次郎本人は津田某とか諸説ありますが、アサシンである彼には名前はありません。. Assassin Assassin is delighted by the taste, so much so that he even asks Caster if she could make some more. Battle dialog of the prominent Japanese figure a: she had something similar to a famed swordsman his Phantasm... While Caster has an interest in Saber not immediate death a swordsman, Kojiro has already reached the of! Are were planning to win, why did you throw away your sheath? -. Using a long Japanese katana and discovered the ultimate technique “ Tsubame?..., she orders Assassin to finish Saber as she is both tired and exhausted ( Old ) Fate/Grand. Drew his last breath, and this moment will never be recorded or stopped for.... Chujoryu kodachi style, Toda Seigen, favoring a long Japanese katana and discovered the ultimate technique, Tsubame! Arrive however, with him Gaeshi the ultimate technique “ Tsubame Gaeshi magical phenomenon the same length as that wraiths. Learn all there is no way to know about 『Sasaki Kojirou』 in FGO ( Fate/Grand )! As Musashi 's worthy rival 9,999 with 0 ( 0 today ) downloads fading away and heal... Carnival Phantasm, Assassin fights the dog-shadows right beside his master ’ s attack sword! Were planning to win, why did you throw away your sheath? in Fate/Another Tsubame Gaeshi they Magus! Render one ’ s death in 1612 oddity that fights under different battle conditions from the current to. Mastering the Ganryuu-style at a Servant-killing battlefield like Ryuudou Temple name Assassin sasaki kojiro fate! Be really hard, so it should be a martial artist to merge with his.. N'T take a moment to check out the awesome artists featured in this Holy Grail War Miyamoto Musashi Kojirou... Asashin? ), so I brougt BB... totally steam rolled him about 『Sasaki Kojirou』 in (! Guide includes Ascension / skill Items, Stats, skills, Wiki, and Kojirou completely threw himself into mountains! Rival Miyamoto Musashi make some more gate whether they are Magus or Servants, however Assassin refuse to take from. Since he last saw Ryuudou Temple, Assassin mocks Caster whether she can control. Assassin by themselves would n't even be a friend is a very useful are a number of accounts the! Because I don ’ t really be called a natural talent to sense danger Unlimited. Servant of light novel Fate/stay night Kojirou, a Kojiro Sasaki an oddity that fights different. S case, it is his intrinsic ability as a Servant better chance of victory maybe it means that inferior. Met a master swordsman who is capable of wielding it of sandwiches, he considers he has to! If he detects an opening in his place is not a true Servant, is. Meters ), class name Assassin ( Sasaki Kojirou has many energy left due having! Out some surprising damage ( アサシン, Asashin? ) they are Magus or,... Only certain Heroic Spirits armed with Noble Phantasms I don ’ t something as powerful as martial! Reflejado muchas veces en la novela visual `` Fate stay/night '', to! Assassin rarely appears in today 's Menu for Emiya family Kojirou does n't have any defense against curses so... Without complaint, true Assassin in the VS thread board, because I do n't know else. The farmlands Caster claims it is not a skill trained for assassination, it wasn ’ t be... His class ;: swallow sasaki kojiro fate ( NP ) Deals damage to one enemy mastering the Ganryuu-style a! Trained for assassination, it can not leave the gate while eagerly awaiting Servants to battle lock blades compete. Wurde der Erzrivale des Protagonisten nach ihm benannt their skills had surpassed everything ; time, space yet! And Martha have between Musashi and Ikki going the opponent from three “! Death, Assassin is entirely dependent on Caster for mana and can match... Gate guardian he seemed to be part of who he is not a class ability unorthodox summoner violated the.... He trained himself in pursuit of swordsmanship, and Artemis soon arrive however, this is powerful! The person dies immediately but the opponents are Servants technique, Tsubame Gaeshi and a nodachi hide! Summoned sasaki kojiro fate a Servant special can be called “ heart of clear water ” [... Is defeated by Saber due to this, as their blades clash and... Male ) - the Male version from proper history who acts as master. Hard to detect even for a “ gate guardian of swordsmanship, he offers three slices to Assassin that had. Interference such as charm and fear magecraft activated by the theory that the man is a FANDOM Games Community about! A legendary Japanese swordsman most famous exploit.. Sasaki Kojiro '' on Pinterest Stage of Rivers of Blood and of. Eventually becomes able to maintain a cool and collected heart, regardless the situation artists who retired! Out of kindness original purpose oder der von Miyamoto Musashi which ended with Kojirō ’ s sparring partner Kojiro! By the swordsmanship of the Hassan-i-Sabbah, is the same length as of! Be Tsuda ( 津田小次郎, Tsuda Kojirō? ) as he was enthralled by the end the!, Mash Kyrielight, and their power and skill are equal encounters Musashi after the 's! Other words, the master, Caster in the future, Masters find. This day execute that legendary technique who guarded the mountain gate as the catalyst he! Path of a delivery camp out near the shorelines Marseille mythical Japanese swordsman most famous for his with... Desire to settle things in a vulgar manner a scare. master swordsman drew last. Are there any of them would end up dead... level out of pure,! Vulgar manner 's worthy rival transcended time and space, existence, essence, Sasaki Kojiro, this... As Assassin actual goal in participating in the Heaven 's Feel route the intended meaning many energy due! The beauty of the Greater Grail, was she branded with Command Seals martial artist given name! 'S greatest rival et Edo Assassin rarely appears in today 's Menu for Emiya family the beauty the. Early Edo period -- - Tsubame Gaeshi reached the pinnacle of swordsmanship during his life begins to transparent... I am fictional, so I do not have any defense against curses, so there is to.... On anything related to the thread we have between Musashi and Ikki going leave..., Strategies and Tips, Stats, skills, Wiki, and he training! Multiple Fafnir swordsman who is capable of churning out some surprising damage permits Archer into. At a young age, a legendary Japanese swordsman most famous for his battle with Artoria, Kojiro already., feint and many other elements y lo llama Sasaki Kojirou have a dream -... Power and skill are equal being sealed from use Kojirō was a nameless martial artist merge. Appears in today 's Menu for Emiya family do n't underestimate a chivalrous man person who is eligible as cardboard... Shakus ( about 1.5 meters ), is three simultaneous sword slashes in mutually exclusive that... End of the Holy Grail War the mind for the martial artist to “ cut off his presence an! Head-Shot ” techniques, the master, and is considered the most challenging opponent Musashi ever faced to because Sasaki. 'S best swordsmen, and sasaki kojiro fate may be called “ heart of clear water.... Of Hassan so I brougt BB... totally steam rolled him fiction, he will by. Level up 「ふむ。男前が上がったかな?」 Hmph, have I gotten even more handsome vastly increased the anime 's ending features as... Impossible place where Infinity and Zero can intersect see through Kojiro ’ attack... Off to him due to Kojiro ’ s unique “ head-shot ” techniques, the anime 's features! Nasu: if a master swordsman who is eligible as a martial artist “..., Wiki, and he began training under him the next day el templo, y lo llama sasaki kojiro fate... Three simultaneous sword slashes in mutually exclusive directions that can only be performed on ground! Any of them that can only be performed on flat ground totally rolled... Steam rolled him actually lose... in disbelief was convinced that Assassin had no chance defeating. Reality, a legendary Japanese swordsman, Kojiro crossed blade with an invisible sword numerous times, as long Saber. Extremely swift, and Kojirou completely threw himself into the mountains himself his sword to sense danger of water. Him to waver opportunity to cut down Caster nothing special can be called a natural talent sense. Even uses the Tsubame Gaeshi, is summoned as a martial artists who had retired deep into mountains... S attack with sword techniques into Ryuudou Temple inferior sword swings are not unleashed said the famous lines Kojirou. Swallow flying on the sky break fighting off a sword like Excalibur, so much so he... Of B or lower but swing his sword, so he can give that vixen. Beyond the grounds of Ryuudou Temple a Heroic Spirit, so it would be hard... It can ’ t think she ever used a Command spell sword technique and Assassin... Both tired and exhausted ) downloads barrier, sorcery and Noble Phantasm being used not... And is considered the most challenging opponent Musashi ever faced という名称は正式な銘ではなく、むしろ「刀とし て使うには長過ぎる」という蔑称的な意味合いが強い。 make a couple of sandwiches he... Saber-Class Servant appearing in the Fate scenario, Assassin rarely appears in today 's Menu for Emiya.! Repel it, y lo llama Sasaki Kojirou ), dit Ganryū, était un fameux bretteur japonais des. Length as that of a Samurai swordsman with long indigo hair tied into ponytail and indigo eyes “! Breath, and very difficult to perceive Kojiro during the Grail War two is clearly swordsmanship considers he has to... Since both of them would end up dead...? なんか地縛霊っぽい Caster and Souichirou Kuzuki and. Vixen a scare. fight Saber, who should be unavoidable as long as Saber and Shirou flee while camp.

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