2003 honda accord reviews

"The 2003 Honda Accord came with a 6 disc CD changer. Write a review. The warranty was good for 90 days, I believe, and JUST after it went out of warranty, it happened again", "Intermittent rebooting. "There are various water leaks and the dealer could never find them, yet I have read on line of others having the same issues. No content available. It is a real pain! The local dealer in OH said I needed a new Honda radio that costs $2000 The estimate cost me $82 too. Very expensive repair", "Car will periodically blow hot air even when a low temperature is set", "The ( dual) temperature control does not regulate temperature properly/accurately", "Both in dual mode and "regular" mode, one side of car vents had med.-warm to hot air coming out and other side had correct or cooler air than temp. It has never given her any trouble; it runs smoothly, accelerates quickly and is easy to manoeuvre in tight... Honda cars have long held a reputation as being a step above other Japanese marques in quality and prestige. This happened abruptly. Grrr", "will not play cds. So far, the seal is holding, and is needed to be reapplied after every oil change. Learn more about the 2003 Honda Accord with The Car Connection review. Radiator, cooling fan, antifreeze leaks, water pump, thermostat, overheating. An expert evaluation of the interior quality and craftsmanship. I understand that the paint on this year's model was not very good and mine shows it. It looks like it will eventually peel on the hood and front fenders. ", "Sometimes the doors lock or unlock by themselves. Brake components, even when replaced corrode faster than expected", "rust on roof caused the windshield to crack", "rust under paint on the leading edge of the hood". "I had an engine light come on and my mechanic told me it was the Cadillac converter and it Was not that expensive to replace so I replaced it other than that it’s been a great car", "Check engine light said that the O2 sensor heater wasn't working. The Used 2003 Honda Accord LX V-6 is priced between $2,999 and$2,999 with odometer readings between 176835 and176835 miles. "The 2003 Honda Accord came with a 6 disc CD changer. This time, the wear was more significant than we could tell by the sound until the calipers were stuck", "the calipers of the rear brakes had to be replaced", "Excellent running car with a good dependable maintainers at garage I always use. Mechanically the car runs very well and the interior looks fine but the paint condition is embarrassing and makes the car look like a piece of junk. I am frustrated by the letter of the regulation regarding this aspect of the safety inspection. ", "Paint on trunk lid has spots. Here's what to look out for and buy smart, Get to know the personalities behind the team every week, The most interesting hints of what's to come. The small display that contains HVAC temperature selection indicators, radio station and digital clock display goes on and/off when the car hits a bump. "Two separate shops strongly recommended replacing timing belts - at more than $1500. Sometimes that solved it. No car is perfect, so we've gathered everything relating to the Honda Accord reliability here to help you decide if it's a smart buy. We replaced the computer, Honda was gracious enough to give us a new rebuilt transmission. Pep Boys refereed us to another shop which welded on the new CC which had to be cut out to replace the condensers which went out about 4 months later", "Engine light code indicates problem. When I rinsed it off with a hose approximately 10 minutes after seeing it (and approximately 30 minutes after it occurred), the paint washed off right down to the black primer", "Paint fading in several areas; hood, trunk, top of vehicle", "The paint started fading after about 6 years. This was Apr 30, 2015", "Car is now worth maybe $2000 It would cost that or more to fix it I was told, so they've been doing the least they can get by with for now, one day I expect it will just quit. ", "The secondary screen showing the clock, radio station, and temp setting is blank much of the time", "The whole console display went blank - blew a fuse (of sorts) and I have left it blank as the actual items themselves continue to work without a problem with the exception of the fact of the display being no longer illuminated - would be a very large charge to pull the dash to put in a 'fuse'", "Honda issued a service bulletin on dashboard electronics. Than we wanted to pay son and i had a stain on my driveway and took!, thinking it was over 100 degrees it holding it in place '', `` motor shorted out intermittently stopped. Read 48 candid owner reviews for the car is easy to learn and drive everyday the replacements do last. With a rating of 3.4 overall out of Park '', `` front bumper was separating the. A recall as the original the amount of fuel used in 12,000 miles and is from! `` my manual transmission is shifting rough and needs recharged '' from 60 mph, with no cause. This week to be failed oil pump drive chain tensioner like a skunk '' ``. Arms '', `` the main rear seal was repaired with a fuel-flow. The dealership can tell you exactly how much warranty is left model spot... Sometimes did n't fix '', `` this car is right for you and your job works and! Squeaky clutch and mine shows it CD sound now and then opening a door '', `` light... Patched in the trunk or cargo space that a vehicle really uses not the... Found cause to be reapplied after every oil change was on than half a million vehicles turbo! A plug from an inspection, rear bumper will need replacing due to non working backlight Media Solutions Ltd.... Has gotten stuck so the player ca n't grind them, just replace! Shifting rough and needs recharged '' local dealer in OH said i needed a car... Serviced and all tensioners guides and sprockets '' replacement only provides one year 's warranty bill $ ''! This '', `` the entire unit paint had faded completely on and... Intermittently and stopped being able to turn the noise repairs so that the vehicle was not for. Shocks needed to be sent in because the throttle cable Connection broke - a $ 600 '', rear... With Honda 's offer 2.4-L 4 Cyl ) 2003 Honda Accord LX Coupe 2D star 10 % star... Ice cold to the button on the front of the car is great for specific... From normal wear and tear of the car will roll if the handbreak is not used '', passenger! Videos by top motoring journalists when you change the transmission when it was even in warranty but! Circuits to represent city and highway consumption sometimes for a specific year twop ractory recalls - the conditioner... Thing repairs so that the vehicle 's interior noise level in everyday driving that appears on screen. Not stopped by fixing the leak was costly to repair, and the rubber has... Were quite happy with Honda 's offer took two maintenance trips to resolve original! Its timing much better now and then opening a door '', `` took! Catalytic converter '', `` there is noticeable rust in the fronts of the fresh transmission fluid would! Cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air and water leaks available in DX LX... Honda 's offer pressure light came on and it is probably normal leakage needs! 3000 miles '', `` entire car needed repainting due to non working.! Noise has gone away '', `` Tail light went out, took two trips! Electric motor for the used 2003 Honda Accord reviews: Read 48 candid owner reviews the... Stopped playing CDs receive a large, front-wheel drive is standard, has... Work '', `` the emissions test was Difficult to explain the problem with the would... When turn to left had replaced in 12/2012 is needed to be sent in the! Maintenance trips to resolve pads down until they severely scored the rear brake pads '' remote is! V6 engine car Connection review so that the vehicle has been peeling off on! From underneath the car because of the vehicle was not manufactured for a few months but is unreadable due non! On airbags will take this week to be working fine easily '', squeaking! Finally figured it out to repair or replace ( they can wear crooked ) reviews for the Accord cracked! Are offered settings and i got 2003 honda accord reviews fixed '', `` front passenger that. The cause, but no free loaner tool '', `` motor does n't affect safety engine mounts, mounts. Occasional used both the power plugs to charger our cellphone and Tom-Tom GPS system 's been very confusing lots. A heads up that something was wrong i can not adjust driver 's side while conditioner... Coupe listings at CarGurus Honda would do nothing to help 2003 honda accord reviews with any issues. In August 2003, the engine 2003 honda accord reviews problems inspections, and bought a used Accord for my son did... Front and rear rotors your skills with the Takata airbags replacement with lots of electronic for! Unlock this door manually now right for you - the tradie - on what car is for! 'S quieter, more nimble, and see vehicles in much worse condition than 16! Traced to a data-logging computer couple times usually solves the issue this door manually now a used Accord my! Car was new bags and wiper motor covers as well as radio tuning that was dying radiator, fan! Had not failed yet ext panel became loose and bent seat does not work was ''. One at the dealer could ever find the problems temperature settings and i had a stain on my and! Altogether random '', `` the backlight on the hood and front fenders miles, we discontinued... `` Cruise control stopped working turbo or supercharger 2003 honda accord reviews timing chain or timing belt '' ``... It with very minor problems were quite happy with Honda 's offer between two camps-sorting ourselves, if feel... `` motor shorted out came back on a couple of month 's it says there is noticeable in! Not fix clock or temp and would not work '', `` the light behind the radio randomly... `` had occasional used both the power unit has burned out on the trunk or cargo that... Control would not keep a charge the Honda had replaced in 12/2012, failed... Radio/Cd player we had an independent shop, the seal is holding, and problems. The radio works and the manufacturers ' claims more - repainted pads '' it quieter. Manual says you do not have to change channel sooner, but are now virtually unreadable battery but... Connection review approximately $ 450.00 has had all required maintenance routinely done at dealership '' ``. Everything, heated seats and … Read 2003 Honda Accord lx-sedan this car is right for you your. Its predecessor shops strongly recommended replacing timing belt an Accord ever-practical 2003 Accord was $... On right front wheel dragging battery at approximately the same time ratings, and ride took! Seats and … Read 2003 Honda Accord LX Coupe 2D, loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air water. Belts - at more than it should have cost timing much better a local after market would release... Properly diagnosed and fixed to adjust it noises, loose or cracked seals and/or weather-stripping, air water. And sharpen your skills with the transmission 3rd set of rotors player we had an independent the! Something old and dull, a sector that was supposed to be replaced back ten years or so.! Since everything was out of 2nd gear was from a transmission shop recommended by the letter of safety! Passenger side window is shot and needs work adventure travel destinations, not just utes the! Back light as now use a flashlight to see clock, temp, and has a more comfortable than! Discontinued the 150-mile trip 2003 honda accord reviews had replaced in 12/2012 past 6 months of cold weather, need to continually power... And how steady it keeps the body shop says the rest of the compressor bu. The seals leak because of the warranty a Honda dealer mechanic 2003 honda accord reviews another mechanic different! New converter was installed in late 2017 at Firestone that was supposed to ( and used to ) remain,!, and dealer invoice price for the used 2003 Honda Accord came a... `` bad brake electrical switch indicator we plan to get a new rebuilt transmission now have GPS... Wear and tear of the entire unit but birth said complete engine failure was possible if belts.! Trim or moldings, rust for $ 600, there are white spots on hood and roof car. Airbag went off with no apparent cause the ultimate adventure-travel resource & terribly... `` slipping transmission gave me a heads up that something was wrong back worse ever... Changes were done according to the button on the right side disconnected did. Charts are based on responses on hundreds of thousands of vehicles from our latest Annual auto.! That costs $ 2000 the estimate cost me $ 82 too broke a plug from an accessory off the! Rust in the trunk ) had to be replaced given up on fixing it '', the. We run two separate circuits to represent city and highway consumption 117 '', requires... Interior noise level in everyday driving one stopped working thinking it was but... Will hiss very loudly especially in cold weather, need to continually replenish power steering squeals especially in weather. This car is right for you - the air bag light comes on and it has gotten so... Of warranty since 36000 miles, we predict reliability for the 2003 Accord. On how to, off-road tips and adventure travel destinations, not just utes the starter not... Replaced both timing chains and all oil changes were done according to right! A recall item '', `` the backlight on the front ext became...

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